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I provide high quality mixing and mastering services. Depending on the style of music my focus lies in getting the most depth, punch and character out of your tracks. I try to give every track its own approach and the time needed to make it shine and stand out.

I work on a finely tuned full range speaker system by ADAM Audio in a tuned room with a pretty flat response.

My studio is located in Berlin, Marzahn if you would like to attend the session please let me know in your inquiry mail.

Get in touch for Mixing & Mastering here

Tech Specs:

File type: wav or other lossless file format

Sample rate: native sample rate of your project probably either 44.1 or 48kHz

Bit depth: 32Bit

Dither: no dithering

Dynamics: no heavy Limiting or clipping on the stems


ACR - Method 808 - Marlon Hoffstadt - DJ Heartstring - Voitax - Ouvo Records - Club Heart Broken - No Bloom Now - Narciss - Xades - Rizla Ops - MCX - Adlas - Malugi -  Diffrent - Aspik Combo - Transition OFC - Upper90 and many more....

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